Turning Stakeholder Insights Into Engagement  

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Turning stakeholder insights into higher levels of engagement

Industry: Member Association, Education, Benefits

Client: ESI for Education Minnesota

Client’s Challenge:

ESI had developed a broad range of services and products to add value for Education Minnesota, the association of educators and affiliated staff. Despite the current participation levels, leadership at ESI felt there were certain member groups who were underrepresented in the participation of some of the services. ESI felt that participation in the products and services should be higher but they did not know why.

Prime46 partnered with ESI to assist in helping them understand why participation was low and if it could be increased to create greater satisfaction among the association’s membership.


After a briefing with the client, Prime46 recommended and conducted a series of online focus groups. As the focus groups were virtual, educators representing the target groups could be recruited from anywhere within the state. Each of the groups’ conversations followed the same outline, keeping the conversation topics consistent for comparison across the groups. Prime46 utilized a platform for the focus groups that allowed ESI leadership to observe the conversations with the educators in real time. The observers were able to see and forward questions to the moderator as the topics were discussed, though the focus group participants were not able to see the observers.


The discussions revealed several unseen barriers to the educators’ awareness of the services offered and provided insight into why some services were of lesser interest than others. Additional insights afforded ideas generated by educators for new services that would be of interest to them and potentially the rest of the association’s membership.

Through this study process the client was able to:

  • Understand the barriers to members’ low service usage rates
  • Gain insights into why some programs were of interest and others were not
  • Learn how to improve the content and timing of their communication efforts
  • Capture insights about how to improve their service offerings


Prime46 was able to assist the client review of their current service offering and identify additional services that through testing can become more popular among members. Additional benefits to the client included strategies to streamline the signup process, varying the timing of the communications to better suit the schedule of members and strengthening additional channels of communication and support for service offering messages.

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