Considering a strategic merger or acquisition

If you merge with another company, how will your customers react?


Exploring the introduction of a new product

If you introduce a product in a crowded market, will customers accept it?


Evaluating distribution means to reach customers

Would customers prefer to take delivery of your products a different way?


Considering product/service changes or improvements

What improvements do your customers most want to see you make?

Industry Knowledge Builds Trustworthy Results

Agriculture is a highly specialized industry requiring deep knowledge and understanding to derive valuable insights. At Prime46 Research and Consulting, we offer actionable solutions tailored to the unique demands of agriculture clients. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of the industry, from equipment and crop protection to innovative fertilizers, seed, biologicals, technology, and more. We specialize in grower, channel, market, and industry research unique to agricultural. Our team of researchers and consultants are deeply familiar with the intricacies of agriculture, ensuring we provide insights into that matter. The agricultural industry demands a deeper understanding, and in today’s competitive environment, insightful research is crucial.

Tailored Solutions for Agricultural Success

  • Introducing a New Product: Launching a new product in a competitive market can be daunting. Will your product gain acceptance? We help you navigate market dynamics to ensure a successful introduction.
  • Evaluating Distribution Channels: Are your customers satisfied with your current delivery methods? Explore alternative distribution strategies that could enhance customer satisfaction and expand your reach.
  • Enhancing Products or Services: What improvements do your customers desire most? Our research identifies key areas for product or service enhancements, ensuring you meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions: Considering a merger or acquisition? Understand how such strategic moves will impact your customer base and market positioning to make informed decisions.

Research Capabilities

Our depth of research and consulting in the agriculture industry will help uncover insights for your brand.

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Are you passionate about agriculture? Join our community to participate in rewarding research that shapes agricultural marketing and agribusiness product development. Engage in studies spanning crop production, livestock management, technology, industry issues, and ag policy. You have the freedom to choose which research opportunities to participate in and can withdraw from the panel at any time.

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