Customer preferences have shifted

How have customer needs changed for your products?


Struggling to meet market share goals

Why is your brand being considered but not selected more often?


Desire to diversify/grow business in an existing market

If you offer a new line of products, will customers accept them?


Interest in expanding business into a new market

If you enter a new market, what can you offer that customers are missing?

Industry Knowledge Builds Trustworthy Results

Equipment manufacturing has many elements that make it unique. Specialized product design, varying distribution channels, and specialized end-user customers. To secure the best information for decision making, your research firm needs to truly understand the industry. We’ve provided actionable solutions to manufacturing clients from across North America and around the globe. Our researchers understand what makes manufacturing unique. Let’s work together to discover the insights that will give your business its next leap forward.

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Our depth of research and consulting in the manufacturing industry will help uncover insights for your brand.

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If you’re involved in construction, demolition, landscaping, or related fields, this community is perfect for you. Your insights can influence the design and enhancement of compact equipment used in various applications. Contribute to improving the functionality, usability, and durability of these products through incentivized studies. Decide which research opportunities suit you and have the flexibility to leave the panel whenever you wish.

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