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Are you interested in making an impact through market research? Your insights can shape products and services based on your opinions. Become a valuable participant in our market research initiatives by joining one of our three vibrant communities currently active in the market.

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The information we obtain will be used for research purposes only and your information will be kept strictly confidential. We will not use or release it for any type of direct sales, marketing or other purposes.

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Prime46 Industries Circle Agriculture

Agriculture Community
Are you passionate about agriculture? Join our community to participate in rewarding research that shapes agricultural marketing and agribusiness product development. Engage in studies spanning crop production, livestock management, technology, industry issues, and ag policy. You have the freedom to choose which research opportunities to participate in and can withdraw from the panel at any time.

Examples of studies include: email surveys, virtual interviews, usability tests, and feedback on creative messaging.

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Current Studies
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Compact Equipment Influencers

Manufacturing Community
If you’re involved in construction, demolition, landscaping, or related fields, this community is perfect for you. Your insights can influence the design and enhancement of compact equipment used in various applications. Contribute to improving the functionality, usability, and durability of these products through incentivized studies. Decide which research opportunities suit you and have the flexibility to leave the panel whenever you wish.

Study types encompass: email surveys, on-site or virtual interviews, industry discussions, and engaging ‘Ride-and-Drive’ events.

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Current Studies
Extended Large-Frame Loaders
Compact Track Loaders


North Dakota Residents

Heartland Community

Whether you reside or work in our community, we welcome you to join our online network. Your input is valuable in shaping studies related to life, work, and leisure in the region. Topics covered will vary with the seasons and your interests. Some studies even offer gift card incentives. By participating, you contribute to enhancing the offerings available to your fellow residents in the upper Midwest. Participation is entirely optional, and you can discontinue your involvement at any point.

Participation mainly takes place online and might involve: email surveys, virtual interviews, online group discussions, or sharing experiences through online diaries or shop-along activities.

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Current Studies
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