Case Study

Case Study: Creating a Group of Stakeholders Willing to Share Their Opinion

Senior businessman in a seminar

Industry: Health insurance, Employee benefits

Client: Health Insurance Company

Client’s Challenge:

The client wanted to incorporate stakeholder insights into all major facets of organizational decision-making. The insights would be used to design products, programs, and plans, as well as prioritize marketing and communication initiatives. The key stakeholder groups were identified as end-customers, employer representatives, and employees. The groups ranged in size from hundreds to hundreds of thousands and the client needed a way to get high-quality feedback from a representative sample of these groups, quickly and cost effectively.


Prime46 partnered with the client to design an online community panel platform where members of each stakeholder group were invited to join and participate in research studies. Community members are carefully selected for an invitation to a group to ensure a demographically representative mix of individuals. An annual research plan for each of the community groups is prepared and the research is conducted by Prime46 on behalf of the client. Online surveys are most often deployed, but other research methodologies are used when appropriate. Prime46 maintains the membership information and helps regenerate each group with new members to accommodate for members who leave the online community.


The client has an efficient and representative system for collecting opinions from members of their key stakeholder groups. The system has helped the client:

  • Refine messaging for all stakeholder groups by asking for community members’ opinions of sample messages, product design attributes, and program benefit preferences
  • Integrate stakeholder input into all major facets of organizational decision-making
  • Build greater transparency among the stakeholders and the organization’s leaders


Prime46 helped design and build the system to engage with members beginning with a single key stakeholder group. Because of the success with that group, other groups were included in the program and now represent several of the client’s key stakeholders. Prime46 continues to manage the research effort on behalf of the client and keeps the membership fresh by replenishing the community due to normal attrition.