Case Study

Case Study: Gauging Brand Awareness in a Community of Brands

Volunteers Sorting Out Donated Clothes In Community Charity Donation Center.

Industry: Nonprofit, Brand awareness, Positioning

Client: United Way of Cass-Clay

Client’s Challenge

United Way of Cass-Clay is one of the more successful nonprofit organizations in the area it serves. And despite record contributions and high volunteer activation for many years, the organization began noticing a change. Not wanting their success to breed complacency, leadership set out to gather information about how the community perceives the UWCC brand among other nonprofit organizations.

Partnering with UWCC, Prime46 recommended an online survey distributed among UWCC’s donor list, as well as lists of civic and community groups to sample a wide range of individuals familiar and unfamiliar with the UW brand.


The results of the survey produced by Prime46 enabled UWCC leadership to see comparisons of their brand among the field of other well-known brands, as well as to understand the preferences and attitudes about making donations and donor motivations regarding which nonprofits they support and why. Other notable insights included defining the barriers to donating to any nonprofit and to UWCC.

Several positioning statements were also presented to participants, providing UWCC with not only a ranking of the statements, but also a set of verbatim comments, which helped the researchers better interpret the outcome.


As a result of the research findings, UWCC has been able to create better alignment in the evolving relationship of the community with nonprofits, and specifically with the UWCC brand.

Through this study process, the client was able to:

  • Understand the programs that donors prefer to contribute to
  • Understand how their brand is viewed by the community
  • Know how positioning statements being tested rank in alignment to the UWCC brand
  • Understand the factors donors consider when choosing where to donate


Prime46 was able to assist the client to see their brand the way the community sees their brand. And to understand the minor changes that need to be made to reconnect with lapsed donors and form a closer bond with their current core group of benefactors.