Empowering Stakeholder Engagement

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A Case Study in Collecting Valuable Insights

Industry: Health insurance, employee benefits

Client: Health insurance company

Client’s Challenge:

The client sought to infuse stakeholder insights into critical aspects of organizational decision-making, spanning product development, program planning, marketing strategies, and communication initiatives. These stakeholders encompassed end-customers, employer representatives, and employees, spanning diverse group sizes from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. The challenge lay in obtaining high-quality feedback efficiently and cost-effectively from these groups, ensuring a representative sample.


Teaming up with the client, Prime46 devised an online community panel platform, inviting members of each stakeholder group to join and engage in research studies. The selection of community members was meticulous, ensuring a demographically diverse mix. An annual research plan was curated for each community group, with Prime46 executing the research on the client’s behalf. While online surveys were the primary tool, other research methodologies were employed as needed. Prime46 managed membership data and facilitated the inclusion of new members to replenish the community.


The client has an efficient and representative system for collecting opinions from members of their key stakeholder groups. The system has helped the client:

  • Messaging Refinement: Gathering community members’ input on sample messages, product design features, and program preferences, refining messaging for all stakeholder groups.
  • Integration of Stakeholder Input: Incorporating stakeholder insights into every facet of organizational decision-making.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Fostering greater transparency between stakeholders and organizational leadership.


Prime46 played a pivotal role in designing and constructing the engagement system, initially targeting a single key stakeholder group. Building on this success, additional groups were incorporated into the program, representing several of the client’s critical stakeholders. Prime46 continues to manage the research effort, ensuring a steady influx of new members to counter natural attrition.

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