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Client’s Industry: Agriculture, agribusiness

Client Name: Farm Voice by AgIntel

Client’s Challenge

Agriculture is far more complex, technical, and data-driven than ever before. AgIntel provides insights gleaned from many sources to help agribusiness clients make strategic decisions. Delivering deep insights from experts in the field can require excessive time and cost which can be a barrier for many clients. AgIntel was looking for a way to quickly identify subject matter experts who could be contacted for their opinions and perceptions on a variety of agriculturally based practices and products.


Partnering with the client, Prime46 developed a community panel platform, named Farm Voice, which is designed to recruit and manage a panel of experts, and to conduct research quickly and cost effectively. This community panel of experts has been curated to provide a broad geography to represent an array of crop, growing conditions, and farming practices. Interactions with the expert panel are accomplished through email, telephone, and video calls, for surveys, interviews and group chat or roundtables with agricultural brand product managers. This is all possible through the community panel platform.


With use of the community panel platform, the client has been able to:

  • Initiate, conduct, and report findings to their clients within as little as 10 days, providing them with opinions and perceptions on an array of agricultural topics
  • Provide deep insights into relevant topics and recommendations for marketing, communication initiatives, product benefits, and channel optimization
  • Deploy and engage research studies with subject matter experts using various methodologies, and build a trust relationship between farmers, researchers, and agribusiness brands


As more agribusiness brands discover the power of research from the farmers’ field, interest and inspiration continues to grow. Many agribusiness brands have benefited from the research findings and have applied the learnings to their marketing strategy, communication plans, and product innovations.

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