Testing the Brand Health

Nurse Explaining Medicine Dosage To Senior Woman At Nursing Home

Testing the Brand Health of a Newly Named Care Facility

Client’s Industry: Healthcare, hospitals and clinics, senior care

Client Name: Hospital and senior living facility

Client’s Challenge

The last community perception study was completed prior to new construction, the relocation of health services and the addition of an assisted living center to the hospital campus, not to mention a set of new brand names for the combined operations of the hospital and senior living center in this small rural area. There are several other brands in the same region competing for visibility and for patients. In a community where everybody knows everyone, what consumers will reveal about brands can be restrained. It was imperative that leadership understood the perception of the facilities prior to communicating with area residents, and to know how their brand compared to their closest competitors.


Prime46 and the client understood the service area subject to seasonal residency and recommended a survey of a sample of both seasonal and permanent residents. Prime46 designed a survey that screened for a mix of ages and genders to represent the service area, and then directed the participants along one of three paths of questions to minimize survey fatigue. The questions were designed to enable comparison on key points, and dealt with topics of familiarity, favorability, usage, consideration factors, perceptions, and awareness of services offered. Competitive brands were included in rotation with the client facility brands for comparisons as well.


The baseline study provided an abundance of information and insights into the regional services area. It gave the client a solid understanding of how each of their facilities and services were viewed in comparison to the competitive set. And three years later, when the client asked Prime46 to conduct a tracking study version of the survey, the client was able to see where they had succeeded and where work still needed to be done. Through the study process, the client was able to:

  • Assess the local differences in consumer attitude and perception of brands in the category within the region
  • Determine which attributes were most important to area residents when it comes to capabilities and services
  • Understand which category attributes their brand scored high in compared to other brands
  • Determine the level of consumer confusion about their brand and the relationship with a partner brand


Prime46 helped the client’s leadership to understand how the community saw their brand in comparison to others, providing similar services to the same residents in the region. The study helped leadership understand the nuances of audience segments and communities. The report also provided insights that allowed leadership to adjust their efforts and focus on the attributes that matter most to various audience segments in the region. With this baseline, and three years later, Prime46 was able to help this client see once again how the market and attitudes have changed.

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