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Minot State University: Attitudes and Perceptions Among University Bound and Current Students

Minot State University & Flint Group

The University was seeking to develop a distinct and differentiated brand position to assist in attraction and retention of students. The study assessed the attitudes and perceptions of several internal student and departmental staff, in-depth interviews with senior leadership, online focus groups with prospective and current students and an online survey of students, University faculty and staff. The report included key points from the research indicating current perception of brand image and identity.

The findings included a summary report and presentation deck for the University leadership and their communications agency to establish brand positioning and develop a key communication messaging platform.

Expert Community Panel Fields Questions for Agribusiness Brands

Farm Voice by AgIntel

The client wanted to find a way to deliver deep insights quickly and cost-effectively from subject matter experts in an array of agricultural crops, growing conditions, and farming practices. Prime46 developed a community panel platform, Farm Voice, to recruit, manage, and conduct research among farmers. This platform allows research studies to gather deep insights on a variety of agriculturally based products and practices.

Continue reading to learn more on how Prime46 maintains this expert panel.

Creating a Group of Stakeholders Willing to Share Their Opinion

Health Insurance Company

The client wanted to establish a system to be able to quickly assess and integrate key stakeholder opinions into major facets of the organization’s decision-making. Prime46 was able to partner with the client to design an online community panel platform to engage three key stakeholder groups through an organized process of research studies and findings that are a demographically representative sample of the larger group population.

Read on to learn how Prime46 helped to refine messaging, integrate stakeholder input, and build transparency across the client’s organization.

Gauging Brand Awareness in a Community of Brands

United Way Cass-Clay

United Way of Cass Clay, a successful local nonprofit, needed to better understand how the community perceived the UWCC brand among other nonprofits. Although the brand has been successful in their space, they didn’t want to get too comfortable and become stagnant. Prime46 recommended an online survey distributed among UWCC’s donor list, as well as lists of civic and community groups to sample a wide range of individuals familiar and unfamiliar with the UW brand to gain a better understanding of where donors were contributing, and the community’s thoughts on the brand.

With the help of Prime46, UWCC was able to see themselves the way the community sees them. UWCC has been able implement minor changes to reconnect with lapsed donors and form a closer bond with their current core group of benefactors. Continue reading to learn more about this project here.

Understanding Regional Differences in Customer Attitudes for Global Launches

Global Manufacturer of Agricultural and Construction Equipment

A global manufacturer was concerned about the potential for regional differences and how the perception across various regions may differ, potentially impacting product sales. Interviews were conducted with equipment owners in their native language within the European Union. Prime46 administered translation of materials into the local language for the interviews and transcription of the recorded interviews into English for analysis.

These insights gave the product development team the necessary information and support to confidently initiate a global product strategy and the marketing team the insights to create a regional product positioning approach. Read more about how the Prime46 team provided valuable insights for future product development.

Williams County Public Schools: Attitudes and Perceptions Among Williams County Residents

Williams County, Flowers / Schatz Consultants

The study assessed the current attitudes and perceptions of student access to opportunity, adequacy of facilities, measure of support for funding. A total of 450 interviews were completed among residents, randomly selected from voter history records. The number of surveys completed for each district was based on the total number of housing parcels within each district as compared to the county-wide total.

The findings included a summary of the in-depth interviews and report of the results from the online survey. Continue reading to learn about how the client was able to strategically plan based on the research provided.

Collecting Customer Insights for Improved Product Innovation

Global Manufacturer of Equipment for Construction, Landscape and Agriculture Industries

The client wanted to establish an easily repeatable way to collect customer insights on existing and upcoming products in order to improve product innovation. Prime46 designed and refined new discussion guides for field research, managed respondent recruitment, conducted on-site customer research and established a methodology for analyzing collected data. With this new system, the client was better able to catch product issues prior to launch, and reduced frequency of returns, warranty claims and negative reviews. Read on for more about this new system, results and ongoing suceessess since its implementation.

East Central Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin: Awareness, Attitudes and Usage of Soil Nutrients Among Growers

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District

The study assessed the current and prospective acceptance by farmers within a 100-mile radius of Duluth-Superior, WI of biosolids, as a nutrient for crops. Methods of assessment included in-depth interviews with crop consultants, ag extension educators and farmers, as well as a telephone survey of 300 farmers within the target area.

The findings included a summary of the in-depth interviews and report of the results from the telephone survey.

City of Fargo Customer Service: Attitudes and Perceptions Among Developers, Builders and Contractors

City of Fargo & Flint Group

The study assessed the current attitudes and perceptions of professionals in the construction industry who interact regularly with City of Fargo departments. Methods of assessment included in-depth interviews with leadership of 12 development firms, builders and contractors, as well as department directors within the City of Fargo; and an online survey to members of a local builders’ association.

The findings included a summary of the in-depth interviews and report of the results from the online survey.

Southeastern North Dakota Road Construction: Awareness, Attitudes and Perceptions of Projects Affecting Drivers

North Dakota Department of Transportation, City of Fargo Engineering Department, PIC Services & Flint Group

The study assessed the current awareness, attitudes and perceptions of drivers of road construction affecting commonly traveled routes in and through the City of Fargo; and as a measure of the overall effectiveness of the communications efforts to alert drivers. A telephone survey was selected as the best method to reach resident drivers within a 50-mile radius of the City of Fargo. Three audiences were to be interviewed, defined as City of Fargo residents, Cass County or West Central Minnesota residents. A total of 400 individuals completed the telephone interviews, with quotas set at 300 for City of Fargo residents, and 50 each of Cass County and Western Minnesota residents.

The results were reported in aggregate, as well as age groups and area of residency.